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There are many good things about living in the Southern Hemisphere. But one thing that sucks is seeing all of the new spring fashion releases, knowing full well that it is folly to purchase a cute dress as we enter winter. I'm kidding, but there's been some adorable fashion passing me by lately. At least I'm not too tempted to use up my free wardrobe space*.
via: ModCloth

via: ModCloth

This week on Twitter, Kate managed to round up a group of ladies to join an exercise support group. It's been really great so far, just getting to know some new people (and finding a few fellow ex-ballet dancers too!) and finding out other's motivations and goals in terms of their health and wellbeing. Coincidentally  I came across this app, I've seen it before but perhaps didn't really read it properly? Or thought it couldn't possible be true? Guys. Earn money to exercise. One catch - you have to pay if you slack off ;)
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Of A Kind always has unique and interesting products on it's limited edition shopping list. This necklace from Myers Collective is no exception. Play geometry class to your heart's content, there are so many configurations that you can create with this copper and brass necklace.
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Let me be a crazy cat lady for just a moment.... Honestly, my cats would go bonkers for this! Nico's favourite thing in the whole wide world is sitting under a low shrub that drapes on her head like a green wig. I think she'd lose her mind (with happiness) if this was in our house!

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I don't have a post of the week to feature this week, even posts here on Kitty & Buck were thin on the ground, I apologise! It's been a hectic week, and I'm a the (very) pointy end of a deadline, so hopefully I can keep it together next week, because after that, I'm done! I'm still loving this freelance business, there's always something new to look forward to (like a break! ha!)

*Aside from working over the weekend (bor-ring) I hope that I will have time to set up my "Shop My Closet" store. I've photographed a bunch of clothes that no longer fit in my closet in a brutal culling exercise. Honestly, everything in the "to sell" pile is something I do not want to part with. But let's be realistic for just a moment. I don't have space and I would like someone else to enjoy them rather than squashing things into storage where I'll forget about them. I'll be sure to let you know when I have everything listed so you can check it out.

It sounds like I will be desk-bound for a few more days yet. What have you got planned? I'm really hoping someone can get outside and breathe some fresh air on my behalf, ok?