Instagram Challenge - March Colour Inspiration

In case you need some final inspiration to snap some images for the March Instagram Challenge, here are some amazing {pink} snaps from some of my favourite Instagrammers:
@teklan @ohsoprettyblog @helloemilie @mermaidens @ahoymiss @jennyeveryday Image Map
1 | Teklan - This girl. Her feed is a beautiful rainbow of perfect colour.
2 | Oh So Pretty Blog - You can count on Oh So Pretty for pale pastels anytime
3 | Hello Emilie - A beautiful collection of small details and carefully curated photographs
4 | Mermaidens - I can always count on Kailey for pretty, pink and pastel!
5 | Ahoy Miss - Having pink hair helps, but check out this feed for all kinds of pink inspiration
6 | Jenny Everyday - Behind the scenes of Everyday Is A Holiday, there is always pink

I'd love to see your shots before the end of March, it's so easy to join in. Just take a look around, on your way to work, or when you're going for a walk and pay attention to the small details that you might normally miss. You'd be surprised at the places you'll find unexpected colours! You can even build a little vignette or stage a scene with found objects as well (like my donut picture). There are no limits! Simply tag your images with #kittyandbuckcolor and they will be added to the feed. I'll feature my favourites at the end of each month, and each month will have a new colour to look out for.