Found #90

This clutch from Of A Kind is made in the USA and is so stylish! Made in a limited run of 50, you've gotta be quick with the Of A Kind specials!
via: Of A Kind

Naohiko Tokuhira is a Japanese photographer who, with this black and white series, has made me want to see Japan in winter even more. A photographic love story to winter and the Japanese people.

I spotted the Fall '14 Samantha Pleet range on Moon & Roses the other day, loving the Wednesday Addams inspired dress and the cute cropped outfits.

I recently did a weaving class (I'll tell you more about it soon), now I seem to be spotting amazing weavings everywhere! This one from Yes Vincent is great!

I've seen quite a number of eye rings around, I think this one might be my favourite. The texture and rustic nature of the design is such a great contrast with the stone.

image via: Hello Sandwich
I might be a teensy weensy bit jealous of Hello Sandwich (aka ハローサンドウィッチ - I've been practising my Japanese!) But it would be wrong of me to keep her sakura observations under my hat, wouldn't it? Enjoy her 'sakura spam' from Tokyo, and try not to hate her, ok?

I found out today that I'm one of over 1000 blogs nominated for Best Australian Blogs 2014. WJGDUYDKA?!?! I'm so flattered and excited to be in the running. The people's choice awards rely on the people's vote, so if you have a moment, and think Kitty & Buck is a great Australian blog, I would be forever grateful for your vote! There's no signing up to mailing lists or anything like that, simply visit this survey monkey link, head to the "k" page, and you'll find "Kitty & Buck" a few up from the bottom of the page. Please vote for your other favourite Aussie blogs too, I'm sure there's one or two in there that you know and love. Wish me luck?