Found #92

Spotted this week: (see what I did there?) these cutie-pie polka dot socks from Odd Pears. You get a 'pear' of socks, which is actually 3 socks, so you can mix and match, providing you (if you're anything like me) with hours of sock-entertainment. Plus, $1 from every pair, sorry - pear, sold goes to charity.

After a conversation with an 80 year old war veteran, photographer Tom Hussey was inspired to create this series of images showing the present day subject with a reflection of themselves from the past. It's a confronting study on the passage of time and the reality of ageing.

This terrarium necklace was inspired by the mountains of Kerry, and I have to say, that's enough for me. But even if you don't have fond memories of those green mountains of Ireland, I'm sure you'll agree that this is one special piece of jewellery.

These stoneware bowls are handmade on the lovely Gold Coast right here in Australia. The texture on the glaze looks so touchable. They would make a lovely addition to any kitchen, don't you think?

There is no sign that I am going to tire of handmade, rustic jewellery anytime soon. This cuff from Break A Stone is incredible!

What are you up to for the long weekend? I'm choosing to stay at home unlike every other person in Sydney who has decided to drive somewhere in a massive traffic jam, to get away from it all (except other Sydney-siders) I'll save my weekends away for when everyone else is staying put, thank you very much. I envision baking, BBQs and perhaps some reading on a picnic blanket. Oh, and you know, maybe some work here and there too.

I hope you have a lovely Easter, don't eat too much chocolate, ok?