Found #93

I quite like anatomical jewellery. I've had this bookmarked for a long time and rediscovered it today. It's name, Hold My Hand, offsets it's slightly creepy realistic vibe.
via: Of A Kind

These photographs of "Salt" by Emma Phillips are amazing. I'm always fascinated by the manmade landscapes that are created by industry (in a wow, uh-oh, why, kind of way)

If you could only use two words to catch my attention, I'm pretty sure "Blanket Cardigan" would be very close to the top of the success list.

I want a 3D printer so bad. How amazing is this Minimalist Incline Top ring from Mind Over Minimalism?!

There's something about the contrast of pretty hand created patterns on a functional item that just work. Loving this Wild Fern Leaf sunglasses case.
via: Kertis

Tara and Holly of Tara Victoria and Holly Marie Designs have been chatting about growing your blog and social media. You can read what they have to say here and here.

Does anyone have any interesting plans for the weekend? It's been another long weekend here in Australia, so we got off to an early start. I did a bit of spring cleaning (in Autumn) today. I have a birthday celebration to attend tomorrow and then on Sunday, perhaps there will be some kitty snuggles and reading... As always, the Japanese grammer book is never far from my side these days.