I don't have any April Foolin' for you today, did anyone get caught out? I think the worst one I saw was the ad for the new Vegemite Energy Drink. I just threw up a little in my throat. Even as an Australian who has been known to have the (very) occasional smattering on toast, that is beyond gross. Oh, but I do have April Rules - in case you missed my little flash sale on Twitter last night, I'm offering 20% off XL and Large blog ads - just for today! Use the code "aprilrules" in my ad shop.

Last week was quite eventful, I finished a 3 month job, thank goodness! I'm looking forward to sleeping past 5am and perhaps even seeing the world outside my front door... Huzzah! On top of that excitement, we had really bad storms in Sydney and suffered some damage to our house. Boo! Looks like there's some building investigations and repairs in our future. Top tip - incontinence pads lining a leaking floor work wonders. Try explaining that to the checkout girl. I found a wedding dress that I loved, but was sold out online, on eBay! I was scared to bid on it as it had a few people watching, but I ended up being the only bidder and won! And it fits! Mission accomplished.

Speaking of weddings, Japan is all booked for ours, I'm wishing my life away until November rolls around! I have one thing to ask - does anyone know of any celebrants in Kyoto or the general surrounds? The one thing I am struggling with is finding a location for our wedding that will allow a simple ceremony (no big plans or 'set' details) with an English speaking celebrant. I'm sure they exist!

Speaking of Japan, today is the last day to enter the Under The Shade of a Bonsai Tree giveaway - you can win a Harajuku Bows necklace or brooch (you choose) and a pair of matching earrings. It's such a lovely prize, I hope YOU win!

Oh, and I'm a teensy bit excited, today I won tickets to see an advance screening of The Grand Budapest Hotel! (yes, we Australians are apparently a third rate country when it comes to movie releases - why oh why do we always have to wait?!) *happy dance*