Meet the April Sponsors!

It's time to formally introduce you to my lovely April sponsor team. This month I asked the question "what is your favourite social media site or app?" You might discover something new, or take a different perspective on something that you use everyday. If you enjoy this little snippet, be sure to visit these fab ladies at their blog/shop/social media pages and share some love.

Hi! My bit of the internet is all about being your unique self, embracing simple pleasures, inspiring each other to try something new and making the normal girl in all of us feel extraordinary and accomplished. There are things to read and contemplate, plants to grow, projects to make, free downloads and, of course, things to eat! It'd be lovely if you stop on by. :)
My love affair with Pinterest is everlasting. I can keep everything all in one place and it's far more portable than the 23 binders full of magazine clippings and articles that I used to have. :)  Plus, talk about inspiration! The world is filled with SO many talented people that express themselves in so many different ways. It's happiness and inspiration all in one little package.
my favourite post // Freebie Download: Love Notes

Amy Grace is a petite blog about life and the joys that come with it! I'm twenty and a lover of all things beauty! Come join my little world full of makeup rambles, life adventures and a junkies stash of cookbooks ♥ 
Instagram! Its probably a little cliché but I find it so much easier to express my love of something in a photo then with words, and when you go back through all your photos it brings back beautiful memories and special times!
my favourite post // Weekly Catchup
I am a wanderer at heart with a gypsy soul. I love coffee, books and Sex and the City. I'm dating the love of my life with the sexiest smile. This blog is about my wanderlust, my travels and trying to make my own mark on this world.
I love Facebook, how easy it is to use and connect with other people.

my favourite post // Prague

Kyla Is Inspired is a blog about fashion, design, illustration, and pretty things. I like to post about anything and everything inspiring.
I LOVE Dribbble - it's such an addiction of mine, to go and see what everyone is up to! It's like twitter (which is my second favorite) for creatives. It's such a great inspiration resource, and I find so many new illustrators and designers to follow every time I visit. 
my favourite post // Product & Print

My name is Maria, I blog about a healthy lifestyle and fashion inspiration! I also sell vintage goodies on etsy :)
I am recently loving spotify. It's a great place to feel inspired by music, and start my day!

my favourite post // Relieving Stress

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