Weekend Links v.01

Get schooled at the Akademie Zubrowka (I finally saw The Grand Budapest Hotel - it's a winner).

Are you a Bruno or a Michel?

Blogging tips and advice from a lovely group of ladies.

I'm making a half-assed effort to be somewhat healthy this easter - get these in my belly!

This is an issue that I am really passionate about. Talking about the clothing manufacture business in a really interesting way with an interactive documentary style website. Suddenly that chain store bargain item doesn't seem worth it.

Bezier curves with HVBH's. I feel enlightened (via Karli Ingersoll).

Maggie's lookbook for "Patina" S + S '14 preview is gorgeous!

Typeset in the Future looks at typography in sci-fi films. The breakdown of the type in "Moon" is fascinating.

This recipe box would make a great mother's day gift (or you know, a nice treat yourself gift).

Even if you don't manage to be a perfect 1950's lady with a spiffy home, pressed underwear and freshly baked pie cooling on the windowsill, you can still dress like one.