Found #94

via: Polkaros
These hand printed Japanese tea towels, called Tenugui, are made from 100% cotton. The designs are inspired by traditional Japanese patterns and they are printed in Gujo city, Gifu, a gorgeous part of Japan. I wish I could decide which one is my favourite, they're all so gorgeous...

:: Cat lady alert ::
If you're still here, how fantastic is this table? It's so hard to get work done when there is a cat standing on your laptop. Besides being practical, in removing cats from the surface of your desk, it looks like so much fun! I'm not convinced that my cats would exclusively dwell in the 'cat section' of the desk, but one can dream.

Just sometimes, you need silver shoes. These handmade beauties are stunning, and don't worry, there are more colours where these came from, in case you're not brave enough to be shiny. Oh yeah, they're on sale too!

I'm always a fan of Leah Goren's work, and this red cat tank top is no exception. Her prints are always fun, perfect to brighten up a gloomy day! (I know, I know, you're all looking at spring blossoms right now but it's gettin' chilly here, so I needed some summery cheer)

There's nothing quite like a long exposure at night photograph. Except that they've been done to death. This take, by Aaron Durand gives the light a sci-fi feeling reminiscent of 80's kid's films. I really like the solid train light shots like this one here.

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Another Friday, another weekend. I am not really sure where last week went to be honest. I feel very tired and unproductive lately. Hopefully a relaxing weekend and a new week will help me pick myself up!  I'll be doing my once-every-couple-of-months trek to the Japanese supermarket tomorrow to pick up necessary supplies for my cooking adventures. I'm becoming somewhat of an expert at Japanese comfort foods, so I try to limit my intake to special occasions, such as Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays ;) Would you be interested in seeing any recipes on the blog? I love cooking but it's pretty rare that I share anything. Let me know - I'm thinking it might be fun!

I hope you have a lovely weekend my friends,