Found #95

This week's Found post has been pushed a day late this week as I announced the May Instagram challenge colour yesterday (I hope to see your pictures in the #kittyandbuckcolor feed)

Things are starting to get chilly in Australia (in Sydney, anyway) so I'm all about blankets, cardigans sweaters and coats right now! I wish we had seasons, but unfortunately we seem to have gone from hot and muggy to freaking freezing overnight. The above blanket looks so perfect and cozy for a movie night, or even a nice campfire warmer.

If you've ever been to Japan, you'll know that Japanese kids are ridiculously adorable. I don't know why, maybe it's something in the water? These photographs by Japanese photographer Nagano Tokyokazu show his daughter in the most adorable scenes, she's quite the play-actor!

I Love Mona is a favourite of Kitty & Buck, and this weekend they are having a sale - $29 tops! There's a few to choose from, handmade and cute! Perfect for all you summer-lovin' ladies in the Northern Hemisphere right now.

This bag reminds me of something you might stumble across in an ancient flea market, buried beneath a pile of old magazines and covered in dust. This Benicio Camel Tote from Moorea Seal saves you the trouble of being incredibly lucky at the flea markets, as it's available in her online store. Gorgeous.

I'm not sure if I'm posting about the graphic design or the product in this one! I was immediately attracted by the simple typography and fantastic colour palette that compliments the brown glass apothecary style bottles. But on second thoughts, the range from Jacqueline Evans Skincare looks delicious, all organic and carefully considered ingredients. I might need to give it a try!

Marianne has been posting about her recent trip to London, it's making me reminisce! This post about her trip to Colombia Road Flower Markets is around my old digs, so I'm feeling extra sentimental!

I hope your weekend is full of good times! Don't forget to enter the Sticky9 giveaway, it's ending soon!