Found #96

Continuing with the travel theme, this week's Found is all about wanderlust. How adorable is this Bon Voyage Card from My Dear Fellow Co?! I'm not sure why I always associate the saying with travelling by ship, it simply means "have a safe trip" or "have a nice journey".

Sometimes it's difficult to keep all of your important papers together. While I've been known in the past to have a random stash throughout random pockets, I think something like this passport case from Kikki-K is a great idea. You can keep your passport, boarding passes, cards, cash and itinerary details (hotel booking sheets, luggage collection tags etc) inside one handy wallet.
via: Kikki-K

I've been looking for a world map to chart my travels for some time, but I never seem to find one I like very much (that doesn't cost the earth). But this one! Maybe I've found a solution. You can choose from a range of colours and you can write on the map too! I love the idea of marking off places I have been, seeing how few places I've seen will definitely motivate me to find new places to visit.
via: Glassnam

Just a cute reminder to go out and see the world.

When I saw this travel box DIY on A Pair and a Spare, I couldn't believe I haven't done something like this. I have a paper drift from my various travels, I just might need to organise it - DIY time over here!

If there's something I can recommend for anyone who is thinking of travelling, it's a decent bag! Once you stash your suitcase and start exploring, you're probably going to have a camera, maps, water bottles etc. While a handbag looks cute, it gets heavy perched on your shoulder. A good quality backpack like this Camera/Laptop Bag from ONA is the best way to carry all that stuff around, plus it keeps your hands free for exploring :)
via: ONA

A cute gift for your explorer friends.

If you're fairly new here, or missed my travel posts in the past, here's some weekend reading for you, perhaps it will inspire your next trip!

USA Summer 2011 - Montana, Toronto, Buffalo to Miami! An epic road trip that I'd love to do again!
(we also visited New Orleans LA and Tucson AZ but I didn't blog about these... I think I ran out of steam - let me know if you're interested!)

Australia - Various trips around Australia including Queensland, the red centre (Northern Territory), the Blue Mountains, Melbourne, Canberra and the Great Ocean Road.

Japan Spring 2013 - Cherry Blossom season in Japan! We started in Tokyo and travelled all the way to Yakushima, an island off the southern tip of Japan's southernmost main island, Kyushu.

Japan Fall 2013 - Tokyo, Tokyo, Tokyo!

More travel advice tips, including packing light and planning your trip.

Travel Guidebooks - I hope to expand this section, but for now, you can see my Craft Shopping in Tokyo guide if you're heading to Japan (or love craft supplies, it will make you swoon!)