Found #97

These aerial photographs from Daily Overview remind me of the work of Andreas Gursky. There's something strange in the hyper-real depictions. The website is fascinating, so grab a cup of tea first! You can see truly weird architectural planning, tragedies of industry, natural landscapes and more, from all over the world.

My cats need to be a hamburger. I should get them one each, so they don't hurt each other in a fight over the most awesome pillow(?) blanket(?)... cat-thing, ever.

When I saw the jewellery of Abby Seymour on The Design Files, I was immediately taken by it's beautiful imperfections and rough edges. There are some lovely unique pieces in the collection,

We've been having a spell of toasty weather in Sydney the past week or two, but I'm under no illusions that winter is going to bite soon. Obviously, I'll be needing a ridiculously adorable sweater to keep myself warm, right?

image via: Decor8

Holly had some interesting topics up for discussion on her Future of Blogging post this week. She definitely addressed some issues that I've noticed and been thinking about for awhile. Take a look, especially if you're a blogger, and have a think about what the future of blogging looks like to you.