Instagram Challenge | May Colour Inspiration

Are you participating in the May #kittyandbuckcolor challenge? Share your black/brown snaps this month using the hashtag. I hope you enjoy this inspiration round-up from some talented ig-ers. If you want more info, see the original post here.

1 | Cory Crawford - A Pacific Northwesterner with luscious forests filling his feed (happy sigh)
2 | Jongsun Park - Such a beautiful mix of architecture in Vancouver and the nature of Canada
3 | The Sisters - My favourite Sydney florists, featuring, you guessed it, gorgeous flowers!
4 | Tumbleweeds HC - (best people) wood veneer sunglass-makers with a healthy dose of furry friends
5 | Mija - Crisp, clean collection from an art director and blogger based in Munich
6 | Lloyd Revald - Photographer and Designer based in Denmark sharing pictures of his explorations