Weekend Links v.03

The pros and cons of working from home.

How to make yourself work when you just don't want to.

I could definitely use a pair of fox print leggings!

Warning, warning. Chocolate peanut butter shake alert (gluten free and vegan!)

Discover your process - A great post for freelancers or folk trying to come to terms with running a business.

For the bloggers out there: Branding your blog's social media - something we can easily overlook!

I've been doing this 4 week squat challenge, it's pretty good!

I hope you didn't forget Mother's Day today! Quick, here's some printable coupons so you don't look like an ungrateful child ;) If you want to give a belated gift, here's a gift guide for you.

This looks like such a beautiful place to visit!

Whenever I see ceramics, I have the sudden urge to go all Demi Moore in Ghost and throw a pot! It looks like such a therapeutic profession. If only I had a kiln.... Anyone know places in Sydney where I can do this?!