Weekend Links v.17


This is such a good system - everyone should follow it! For everyone out there who calls as they hit 'send' to ask "Did you get my email?"

Just a little somethin' to add to my mountain of "things I must see in Japan" - this time it's a cat shrine.

I love the colours in this rug!

Dreaming about this camera. Dreaming.

And when dreams really do come true. Get your own Flux Capacitor.

You'll probably want to keep your flux capacitor safe in this tribal print bag :)

Calling all you perfectionists out there. Just do your best.

One more for the road: Keeping your inner critic in check.

In case you missed it on Kitty & Buck:

We made a video!! Come on a journey to a lovely Australian rural area called Kangaroo Valley. It's the first video I've ever made for Kitty & Buck, so I'd love to know your thoughts (C did the music too!)