Weekend Links v.18


A French-trained Japanese pastry chef has made the most adorable teddy bear cookies. Full Stop.

A fascinating look at how sleep improves your ability to learn a new language.

Mind. Blown. This electronic makeup video is incredible. Even though I do some projection work for my job, this is still amazing to me.

I could get lost in the Flickr feed of Japan photos for hours...

I want to believe.

Understanding the Google Analytics dashboard - so helpful for anyone bamboozled by that big interface.

The appeal of unhappy cities - US based but still so interesting. Looks like living in Louisiana is the bomb? Any LA-ites out there? Do you concur?

Wowsers. This ring is so beautiful.

D'aww. Get a custom made polymer clay 'portrait' necklace or brooch made of your kitty!

There's utility in your bad ideas.

I hope you had a good weekend! I'm just wrapping up a huge job, so things should be more normal around here from now on! Fingers crossed :)