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Productivity for Creative Thinkers: A FREE 7 day email course from Kitty & Buck containing actionable, step by step guides for bloggers, small biz owners and entrepreneurs who need to get organized! Recognize your productivity killers, get on top of youR time and start enjoying this whole "work for yourself" and "Side hustler" thing! | Click through for more info and to sign up for FREE.

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In 2013 I started working for myself full-time. Prior to that I'd been taking the side hustle pretty seriously. Working in a TV station full-time, freelancing and blogging in the evenings (and late into the night, and early into the morning). I was working toward a dream of becoming financially independent and no longer having to rely on a full-time office job for income.

I had one big problem though, productivity.

Despite my best efforts, I never quite felt on top of everything. I wasted SO much time procrastinating, daydreaming and even doing things I thought were productive, like writing and re-writing to-do lists. I was tired, overwhelmed and distracted. After 2 1/2 years though, I've figured some things out. And I really, really want to save you the hard lessons of figuring it out yourself. I want you to get productive NOW. Minus the tears, exhaustion and sleepless nights. Deal?

Stop losing hours of productive time each week from unnecessary distractions

Find your personal productivity killers and put an end to them

Wrangle your inbox into something that you are no longer afraid to look at (and vanish that dreaded red number of unread emails in your notifications!)

Create a schedule that is achievable, flexible and rewarding

Streamline your day and set boundaries that will put an end to wasted time and stressful deadline all-nighters

Free up your time to do the things that make your soul sing. That's why you're doing this blog/biz/side hustle in the first place, right?

"Tell me more!" Sure thing! Here's a breakdown of the free course so you know what to expect when you sign up.


What are the side-effects of being productive and what are some common problems attacking creative thinkers productivity?

DAY 2 - Productivity Killers + a Free Worksheet

You're Killin' My Productivity! Common productivity killers, along with a worksheet so that you can be really honest with yourself and recognise everything that kills your productivity on the daily.

DAY 3 - Removing Productivity obstacles

Removing or Shrinking Your Productivity Obstacles. We'll talk about common productivity problems facing creative thinkers... and some solutions for removing them or minimising their effect on your day.

DAY 4 - Productivity Myths

Productivity Myths (or how I learned to stop worrying and get some sleep). Common misconceptions about productivity and what you should do to achieve it. Here's where I get honest about my mistakes and teach you some ways to avoid them!

DAY 5 - Internal enemies of productivIty

The 3 Internal Enemies of Productivity: Fear, Confusion and Perfectionism. Learning how to deal with the thought processes that halt productivity are some of the most important lessons that I've learned.

DAY 6 - Creating a schedule

Calendar Management: Creating a flexible, achievable and rewarding schedule. With a focus on free tools, I show you how I create a calendar that leaves me free time, and allows me to finish my to-do list every day!

DAY 7 - What now?

Wrap up and reflection - what to do going forward. For the final lesson, we'll review the main points of Productivity For Creative Thinkers, and I'll provide you with some clear steps to take so that you can maintain your newfound productivity habits.